Hi there reader,

Originally from Colorado, USA, (and proud of it) I’m a twenty-four year old adventure lover who enjoys whimsical travels, history, and playing in nature. After graduation, I flew across the Atlantic to explore the beautiful offerings of England, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, and the list keeps growing! (Here’s a Map of the places I’ve been.)

I’m a curious traveler who feels unsatisfied until I understand the history about the area and so I always like to do my own historical research before or after visiting a new place. In my posts, you will find “history nuggets” (as I like to call them), multiple Rick Steves references (because I love him), and pictures of beautiful scenery.

I’ve been in London for the past few months and in October my partner and I are moving to New Zealand!

Thanks for reading my blog & happy traveling!

– Belle


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