A dreamy Day at Mayfield Lavender in London

Dan brought up the idea of visiting a lavender field sometime early last week and I couldn’t let it go after that. I’ve always wanted to see a lavender field as it’s one of my favorite aromas (not exaggerating…I currently have lavender soap, lavender lotion, lavender oil, and lavender flowers at home) and it reminds me of quintessential France. But I always thought I’d have to travel far, as in Provence, to fulfill my frolicking-through-aromatic-lavender-fields-in-the-bright-morning-sun dream.

But no, thanks to Instagram, (s/o to #moderntechnology), I discovered the lovely Mayfield Lavender, which is less than 15 miles from central London! So Dan and I took advantage of the sunny Sunday and got on the bikes early in the morning and headed south. Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.47.15 AM

Morning at Mayfield Lavender

After a little over an hour (actually I don’t remember, but it was something slow, because I’m well, slow..) we made it there just a few minutes after it opened around 9:00 am.

And it was beautiful.


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We strolled the purple rows of perfection, took kinda* cute photos together, got lavender tea and lavender scones from the cafe, and perused the outdoor shop. My only regret was looking all sweaty-mc-nasty after cycling instead of wearing the lovely dress my dream day deserved. Hence why you are seeing no pictures in front of the fields 😉

*Tip: Try to get to Mayfield early in the morning. The parking area looked like it was already full around 11 am. 

Oh wells. It was a SPLENDID day to be out cycling so I guess it was worth it. And on that note, Dan was easily convinced to keep on cycling to a place that has become quite special to me over the past few months, the Surrey Hills. (Which I also wrote about here).

Afternoon at Denbies Vineyard

We made our way through beautiful neighborhoods, saw great city views, had a brief, yet long-lasting encounter with Stinging Nettle, (which if you have experienced it before, you know what I mean), went up and down some hills, (I still feel guilty saying this but Dan did this all on a single speed bike.. eeeep) and finally made it to the Surrey Hills.

Once we were in the area I remembered last time I got lost went on a walk in the Surrey Hills I saw a sign for the Denbies Vineyard but I thought it was private property so I never thought a whole wine world of its own existed on the premises.

Denbies Wine Estate
Cafe sitting area

But to our delight, we discovered the Denbies Vineyard is very much so open to the public and has tours, tastings, events, shopping, food, and duhh, apple juice. Just making sure you are paying attention.. of course, we treated ourselves to a white wine each. I mean, wine not? (Bah- duh – duh – tshh)

We later grabbed dinner in Dorking and then took the train back home.


Our sunny Sunday was definitely one to remember and we would highly recommend checking out both Mayfield and Denbies if you have the opportunity.


“The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.” – Author Unkown


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