A Road Trip Through 5000 Years of British History

“ROAD TRIP! SPRENG BUHREAK!” is what Dan and I say to each other in our most bro-like-college-age-Americans-going-on- spring-break-type voices when we get to travel together by car. “ROAD TRIP!”, “ROAD TRIP!” Isn’t it nice to have someone to be weird with?!

This is how we started our 3-day adventure at 6 am in the morning two weekends ago (wow, time flies) as we drove from the east of England to our first stop on our rural England road trip.


First Stop: Avebury, 3,000 B.C.

Avebury is a henge built during the neolithic period…so a wayyy long time ago. This specific henge is made of three stone circles and is big enough that now-a-days a town is inside it. And when I say town, I mean village, a small village but still. Here’s an aerial view that I did not take with a drone, but did steal off the internet. screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-6-20-50-pm

Pretty cool huh? Cooler yet is it is still shrouded in mystery… Who built it? Why did they build it? How did they get stones all the way from Wales to Avebury? Why stones from Wales? Why Avebury?(Historians/scientists/smart people speculate there was once a river close by and that is how they were transported).

Anyways, we as humans are getting so smart and technical these days, building computers that fit in our pockets and studying gene expressions on a micro-micro-microscopic level, but Avebury is still rather far from being conceptualized. And I love that. I think the mystery gives this monument a sense of power over us. I hope it always stays a mystery. Also, that way I can continue believing that it may have been built by aliens.

Anyways, here are some more pictures of Avebury. We had the henge all to ourselves because we were the only ones crazy enough to be there at 8 am on a snowy, cold morning.






Second Stop: Bath, 60AD – 1800 AD

From Avebury we continued driving toward the cleverly-named city and elegant of Bath. It is here that Romans built luxury baths and a temple 2000 years ago but is also just as well-known for its elegant Georgian architecture constructed from bath stone. See, creatively named city, right?

A few fun facts:

  • Jane Austen lived in Bath and many of her novels are set there.


  • The baths are actually hot springs. Rainwater percolates down through limestone aquifers on nearby hills to a depth of between 2,700 and 4,300 meters and then bubbles up into the baths . NEATOimg_9930
  • A dandy (fancy-schmancy man who is really into fashion and such) named Beau Nash put Bath on the map for members of high society during the late 1700’s. Dan was kind enough to join me at the Fashion Museum where I got to try on 18th century fashion and pretend like I was on the set of Pride and Prejudice.

    Overall, we really enjoyed Bath. It’s a beautiful city layered with history that is well preserved and can still be enjoyed today.

The Royal Crescent. (A great example of Georgian architecture). Featuring: a very cold girl.

Next stop: Cotswolds, 1300 – 1800 AD

This area prospered during the middle ages as a hub for wool and has become only more charming since then with beautiful rural landscape and stone built villages.

I wrote home to a friend shortly after returning from the trip and said the following:

“…We walked through fields touched by a soft sun. There were free-roaming sheep eating light green grass, sweet song-birds, willowy trees, and the most picturesque cottages and idyllic manor houses. Gosh… I almost cried.” 

I think I was just trying to pretend I was Jane Austen but really…I did almost cry. The pictures will not do it justice but this area was truly a beautiful sight to behold!

Lower Slaugher Village


Walking from Lower Slaughter to Upper Slaughter


I felt a little creepy taking this picture but it was worth it.
Umm.. yes please!


Dan’s “I’m hungry, can we go?” face

And on that note, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and fun little history nuggets. It was a lovely 3 day trip through rural England and I wish I could have taken all of you with me.

That’s all for now.. and I know that was a lot, but just you wait… There’s more coming soon and it involves calloused hands, a sore back, & lots of wine.

Bonne Nuit!


– Belle

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