Lazy Day in Lucca

Let me just start off by saying, Italian transportation is great for the spontaneous!

Last Friday I got back from a run around 11 am and decided I wanted to go on a day trip. By noon I was out the door and running again so I wouldn’t miss the next train leaving for Lucca.

This charming town is about an hour or so west of Sesto Fiorentino. It’s overlooked by many tourists because its only real claim to fame is its Renaissance-era city walls that still surround the city today (most all other towns’ fortresses have fallen down or have been taken down by now). In Lucca, these walls are used as a walking/biking path by locals and tourists alike.

At first, the walls were a source of confusion for me because I after leaving the train station I couldn’t see any entrance to the town. “What am I supposed to do? Just scale those 40 ft walls? Is that how the Italians stay so skinny?” But then I spotted another tourist and decided to follow their lead.

After turning the corner I found this.

DSCN0707And then I winded down a bit of some of this…


And at last I found this!

Sigh of relief


DSCN06532015-02-13 14.50.522015-02-13 15.21.45

I took my time walking the 2.5 mile circumference, making stops to journal, take some pictures, and sketch, and then followed a path down into town in search of some espresso and of course a biscotto.

2015-02-13 15.52.06

The rest of the day I meandered and found these…

2015-02-13 16.05.09
Church of San Michele
2015-02-13 16.15.55 The piazza dell’Anfiteatro. This market area was built on top of an ancient Roman amphitheater and therefore has an elliptical shape.

2015-02-13 16.06.32

Basilica of San Frediano
DSCN0676This church was so beautiful and serene inside. For the first few minutes I was the only one in there besides the guard, and the mummified body of saint Zita of course.

And the day ended with a little bit of this.



It was an overall wonderful and relaxing day in Lucca and around sunset it was back to Sesto for Belle!

If you have the time, or need a break from the busy and touristy towns of Italy, I definitely recommend making a visit to Lucca.

One comment

  1. Dear Belle,
    I just love your adventurous spirit! I can’t wait to explore with you in April!! Keep on posting and in the words on Rick Steves “Keep on traveling”!!
    Love, Aunt Barb


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